Friday, July 23, 2010

Fantastic Friday

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this on my blog before but Boompa and I treat Friday like its a holiday. Its fun and when we remember we call each other and sing the Friday song. Alison enjoys listening to Boompa and mommy sing the Friday song.

Alison playing with her nesting blocks. She likes all the different pictures on them.
(please excuse the laundry thats in the background, I tend to fold clothes wherever Alison seem to be the happiest)

She likes how they taste too!

Trying out a bigger one

Of course what baby doesn't enjoy a good spatula?


We played and then played some more when daddy got home. After Alison went to bed Daddy and I switched the matress on our bed for the one in the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom mattress and boxsprings are taller and the matress is firmer but still really comfortable. I mentioned to Monica that we were thinking about turning the guest bedroom into an office and she offered to buy the bed, they are going to pick it up tomorrow.

 Of course since we were planning on donating the bed we didn't feel right charging them anything but they didn't feel right just taking it so Chris charged them a six pack of beer so the men folk could have some refreshment while they moved the bed out to their waiting van. Really they are doing us a big favor, I am not that great at moving stuff up and down the stairs I bet having another strong tall man to help him is preferable to Chris than having his short not as strong wife help him, and I don't drink beer either (yuck).

Tomorrow should be fun!

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