Monday, July 12, 2010


Today Alisona and I both had doctors appointment. I wanted to make sure all my vaccines were up to date and Alison of course had her well baby appointment and had to get some shots as well.

Alison at mommy's doctors appointment

I ended up getting 2 shots, one in each arm. Alison was so good while I was getting my shots, she sat in my lap and held mommy's hand. Her appointment was after mine.

Alison getting checked out by the doctor

The doctor checked her out and said she looked great and that she was right where she should be developmentally. A clean bill of health is always good news!
"Look over here"
Alison did not like getting her shots and I don't blame her one little bit! She got three shots! two in her right leg and on in the left. It was not fun for anyone.

I didnt realize this was sideways, anyways I thought I would try a little something different!

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