Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Week

You might have noticed that I haven't been blogging as regularly as I would like but thats because I got my new phone! I got an HTC EVO and I am having so much fun figuring it out and making it my own. I put a Kindle e-reader on it (I think thats my favorite ap), some games, a Tardis ringtone (the Tardis is the time machine space ship of Dr. Who, a BBC show I really enjoy), and some other stuff too!

We actually haven't been doing a lot. Chris has been watching the World Cup. He stayed home today while Alison and I were at church to watch the World Cup Final. I think its sad the World Cup only happens every four years but I guess it does take time to organize.

Here are some pictures of the week:

This was Wednesday (July 7th) after Chris came home from work.

(Thursday July 8th) I love the face Alison is making in this one. I took this right after we put her in her car seat before we set out for Best Buy to get my new phone.

Later that evening. I love having Alison as a daughter, she might not be the most mellow baby in the world but she is the most perfect.

We went on a walk on Friday. Chris wanted to go to the Sprint store and get a car mount and a car charger for me. He was just going to drive there on his own but it was so beautiful outside I talked into walking with Alison and I. We ended up stopping at the pizza for some late lunch.

Here Chris and Alison are in front of our house as we set off toward the Sprint store

Alison is ready to go, she isn't too fond of her belts though.

Walking down one of the streets, I like the view of the mountains.

At the Sprint store, Alison and daddy looking at stuff

Alison wasn't as interested in it as daddy

Alison sitting on a bench with me holding my arm. I love her so much

Mommy and Alison at pizza place

This was Alison's first time in a high chair.

Alison sitting on daddy's lap

Saturday we stayed at home, Chris watched world cup and Alison and I played and enjoyed spending time with daddy. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

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