Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alison's First Fourth

Alison's first Fourth of July was not terribly memorable. Daddy was still not feeling good, I have been having allergy issues (congestion, sinus pressure headaches, couching, you know the fun stuff!), uggg... We decided that although we wanted to have a special first Fourth with Alison it would be best if we just stayed home. Hopefully next year we will feel more up to going out. We didn't think Alison would enjoy fireworks anyways given the fact that they are very loud and happen way past her bedtime. Chris and I were able to hear the Poway fireworks but couldn't see them.

I didn't take any pictures today. Alison was already asleep when it realized it and I just didn't have the heart to bother her (she is increasingly becoming a lighter sleeper).

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