Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh Peas!

Today Alison snuck one past mommy! I was feeding her in her Bumbo chair (we are using the Bumbo and the play tray as a high chair until we can commit to a real high chair) and she grabbed the little bowl of pea mush I was feeding her!

Lucky for mommy she was only wearing her diaper as it was kind of warm in the house so she was pretty easy to clean up. She seemed to be having a lot of fun playing with her baby food.

The green really brings out the blue of her eyes ;)

After Alison took a bath we met up with Jessie, Ryan and their son Grady for one last social visit before their move on Thursday.

Jessie and her too cute son Grady

Even though he is ten weeks younger than Alison he doesn't feel or look like it!

Alison loves seeing Grady, they are best friends for sure!

There was a fish tank at Yummy Sushi (where we went for lunch) and both babies loved watching the tiny little clown fish swim around.

Jessie and Ryan are making a fun road trip out of their move. For Father's Day Jessie got Ryan a comedy CD to listen to in the car as well as the book "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives". They were talking about maybe marking the places they stop at that are listed in the book. I think this was such a great gift idea of Jessie and one I think I'll be copying if we have to car trip move across the country.

Its weird to think that next time we see them Grady will probably be walking and talking and have no idea who we are. But thats the life of a Marine Corps wife!

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