Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look Who's Seven (Seven Months!)

Alison is 7 months old!

Our little girl is 7 months old today! It seems like yesterday I was posting that she was 4 months old. How has she grown you might ask? What has changed since she was 4 months:

-Alison is 16.5 pounds! (Thats a lot more then the 7 pounds 13 oz she waas born with!)
-She can sit up on her own!
-She can grab things and put them in her mouth or just stare at them.
-Lucy (our elderly cat) has decided Alison isn't so bad and gave her an affectionate nudged her with her head.  
-She is laughing harder and more frequently
-Is still 'go go go!'
-Still finds strangers extremly interesting and doesn't mind being held by anyone.
-Has met all her cousins! (TJ, Salem, Jordan and Jude) As well as most of her aunts and uncles and extended family, great-grandparents in Florida, Kentucky and Oklahoma, grandparents, a whole mess of family really.   
-Alison likes to give kisses now, they are very wet and often she will shake her head side to side effectivly covering your entire cheek in baby spit. We love it.
-She can say 'da-da'
-She can say 'ma-ma'
-She babbles, a lot! She loves talking and squeeling and screaming and in general make noise.
-She has sucked on apple, cantaloupe, ate some ice cream (only a small little taste), has had a few little bowls of smooshed banana, baby rice cerial, and I let her suck on a girl scout shortbread cookie (she really liked it). Most of the time I will let her inspect and sometimes taste whatever I am eating. Most of the time she just gets to inspect whatever I am eating. She is very curious about food and loves eating with the spoon.
-She can drink out of a cup, with help from mom of course!
-She still wont take a bottle and has very little interest in pacifiers (she will chew on them).
-She still loves her monkey but now has a runner up for favorite toy in a brown bunny that smells like chocolate that her cousin TJ gave her.
-She is very adept at rolling over and pushing up while on her tummy.

Happy Seven Months Alison! 

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  1. You left out she could call me by my second name... BoomPa Eeeeaaaakkkkkik.
    Yes, she said part of my name quickly.
    The Picture of her 7 months old is very pretty.