Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome Back Wednesday!

Today for the most part was a stay at home day. Alison watched her baby video and took a few naps. We played as always and worked on grabbing things, sitting up, standing up, crawling and saying "hi"

Here is a double picture, a cute picture of Alison posing as a throw pillow and you can see the other three family picture I hung up (I promised I would post a picture! of them!). There is a "mommy and me" picture over my side of the bed and a "daddy and me" picture over the hubs side and in the middle a nice picture of the just the two of us.

Sitting up!

Big Smile!
Tummy time!

Alison was so focused on her baby video that I had to take a picture. She looks so small sitting there.

Ok here are close ups of the pictures over our bed so you can actually see them (I took them at an angle to reduce the glare)

Mommy and Me

Mommy and Daddy

Daddy and Me

There are also two pictures of the Mommy and Me and Daddy and Me in a white frame to go in Alison's room but we haven't decided where to hang them yet. I'll post a picture when we do.

This evening we got to go pick up daddy! I had to get Alison out of bed so she is in her pajamas. Daddy's plane was delayed two hours and didn't get in until 7pm.

Alison and I got there early so we went to the park across the street from the airport. I like parking there to wait becuase you can watch all the boats pulling in and out of the bay.
Alison at the park in her pajamas.

We spent most of the time in the car. Alison was so sleepy, luckily we had her singing bear for entertainment.

Who's that?

It's Chris! Welcome home honey!

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