Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flower for Alison

Yesterday Chris went golfing with his work friends and we ended up taking one of his friends home and on the way back to our house we stopped by Best Buy.

Chris and I are upgrading our phones to the Sprint EVO, Chris already has his but we were waiting until I got home to get mine. Anyways in about 3 weeks Best Buy is going to carry the EVO in white and I figured I could wait three more weeks. This way we will have the same phone but they won't be exactly the same.

We pre-ordered one so there will be one waiting for us when it comes out! I am really excited about getting a new phone! This will be my third cell phone and boy is it different than the first two! It has pretty much everything you could want in a cell phone. Really, it's a portable computer that you can use as a phone.

If you want to see it click here this is the only picture I could find and the phone is half covered up...ah well soon I will have a real one in my hot little hands!

Today Alison and I stayed home. She is adjusting to being back in California pretty well. Her sleep schedule is still a little off but I think pretty soon we will have our super sleeper back!

I made her a little headband today during one of her naps. I got a flower yo-yo maker while I was in Oklahoma and was really excited to use it. I topped it off with a button and a few yellow seed beads. I cut out and added a couple of felt leaves. I think it looks pretty cute!

My little Alison with her mommy-made head band

What a pretty girl (it was a little warm so she was going sans the shirt)

It sure is going to be hard to tell her no when she gets older with that cute little pouty face

I got a few things while I was in Oklahoma, a few embroidery patterns and some color effects DMC thread that was on sale and JG gave me a couple of embroidery books that she had in her collection. I had a really great time looking at all the craft stuff at Hobby Lobby with JG and Alison. Hobby Lobby is easily my favorite craft store.

JG is feeling better and is wanting to create more, maybe we will see some of her handy work on my dad's blog (click here) and maybe some of it on little Alison!

The Oklahoma pictures will have to wait until I get the cord for my computer back, I accidently left it at the grandparent's house (oops!). Have a great day!

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