Monday, June 7, 2010

A Big Oklahoma Day!

June 5, 2010

Today was a busy day! Alison and I were going to go to family breakfast with Boompa but Uncle Justin beat me to the bathroom and since we woke up a little late there wasn't time for me to get dressed make it on I did however asked Boompa if he wanted to take Alison to family breakfast. He was really pleased that I asked him if he wanted to take her somewhere. He has never taken her anywhere by himself before. I did send my camera with him so he could take some pictures.

Alison just woke up for the day hugging her monkey and wearing her jean shorts diaper

Alison and Great Grandma Edith at breakfast

Boompa loved taking Alison to breakfast on his own.

Alison and her Great Aunt Sue

Alison was tired after breakfast and when she got back home let Boompa hold and sing to her. (which is something for this always on the move baby!)

Alison playing on the computer with mommy

Today we also went with Boompa and JG to the annual RPOA (Retired Police Officers Association) meeting. Boompa retired from being a police officer but he still enjoys going to the anuual 'family picnic' and the holiday parties. JG walked around with Alison showing her off to anyone who would hold still long enough. She sure is proud of her little grand daughter.

Looking around at all the retired police officers and their families.

Alison loved being held by one of Oklahoma City's first female police officers.

We were having a good time

Lots of people wanted to meet Alison

But eventually it was time to go. Alison charmed a whole room of people and I could't have been any prouder of her.

On the way home from the meeting we stopped by a crafters mall and had some fun looking at all the neat things.

Alison likes trying on baby hats!

After we got home Alison was able to take a nice long nap before her Aunt Sarah and her cousins came over!

Alison with Jordan and Salem. Salem is so excited about her new cousin because "She's a girl like me!!". Salem loved looking at all of Alison's clothes and wanted to help Aunt Meredith take care of the baby and pick out a bow for cousin Alison to wear.

Alison looking at Aunt Sarah's phone

Salem playing Dominoes

Alison's youngest cousin Jude sitting in his favorite spot, JG's lap. He say on JG's lap for almost the entire visit. What a little cutie.

Salem and Jordan made some potato heads!

Our family friend John wasn't able to attend the RPOA meeting but wanted to see Alison and I. I normally visit with John every time I come to Oklahoma. I've known him forever and he has been friends with my parents before they were married. He was a police officer with Boompa. We decided with everyone the best thing to do would be to go to Mazzios Pizza dinner.

Mr. John

Alison in her third outfit of the day having fun bouncing on JG

She really enjoyed Mr. John

The whole group eating pizza and salad

Alison and her youngest cousin jude playing together at the pizza place

It was a really nice dinner and the kids loved eating pizza with their JG and Boompa. It was really great to get to sit and talk to John for awhile. I was able to find out that he just became a grandpa recently to two little boys. His daughter and son both had babies within a year of each other. He said its baby fever at his house! They are very blessed that their kids live close. I do wish we lived closer to everyone.

After dinner we went back home. Sarah and I played dominoes against each other (I won) and the kids played with their toys (JG has a laundry hamper full of toys and stuffed animals for the grandchildren to play with when they come over). Alison fell right to sleep, I put her down in her pea pod as soon as we got home. She had a big day and I was very glad she was able to fall asleep quickly.  

Salem stacked rocks on her and Boompa.
JG made sure the rocks got back into her pretty bowl when they were done

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