Monday, June 28, 2010

Miss You Monday

We got an early start this morning! Chris had another work trip and Alison and I drove daddy to the airport.

Chris getting out at the airport

Of course he couldn't say goodbye without one last "I love you" and kiss to our beautiful daughter.

"Bye Daddy"

We went home and Alison took a nice nap and when she woke up we had an hour before her play date with Mrs. Jessie and her son Grady. Alison has had play dates with Grady before, he is ten weeks younger than Alison and they really seem to like each other. He is Alison's only friend it will be sad when they move on Thursday.

I still can't get over how well Alison is sitting up. It really is amazing to see her progress. I feel so blessed to be there everyday and watch her grow and grow and grow!

playing on the floor with her blocks

sitting up!

Alison likes sitting up and playing

I put the boppy pillow around her becuase even though she is getting better at sitting up, I am still nervious about her tumbling over. Alison doesn't seem to mind having the pillow near.

Grady and his mommy Mrs. Jessie arrive in time for play time!
Alison loves her Grady and from the looks of it Grady seems to like her.

Just in case you didn't notice from the first picture, they are holding hands. They did this on their own and it was really cute to watch them sitting there holding hands.


Grady is so mellow and calm, he is a great baby to have around (and so cute!)

Alison ended up taking her nap before Grady had to leave so she wasn't able to say good bye luckily we are planning on going out with them again before they leave.

When Alison woke up she was in a great mood and we were hanging out on the couch playing footsie. I thought it looked so funny my big feet and her little ones, so of course I took a picture.

little feet and tiny toes playing with mommy's much bigger feet. I do love playing with Alison.

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