Friday, June 25, 2010


Alison and I watched 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' on Netflix today. Alison didn't make it through the entire thing but I did!

After watching most of it with her, it dawned on me that this was her first exposure to the story. I remember reading the book when I was in elementary school and thinking how cool it would be if food could fall from the sky. Here is the book cover:

The movie was good. The writers took a lot of liberty making an entire back story and adding interesting characters that were not in the book. They made it into an emotional story that the whole family will enjoy. 

Anyways, Alison is not likely to remember watching this movie. I suppsoe that kind of gives me a re-do. When she gets older we can get the book from the library, read it first and then watch the movie. 

Alison and I finished listening to Book One of the Harry Potter audio book today. During the reading I worked on my cross-stitch project that I am making for Chris and Alison, for the first time, grabbed the fish beads on her swings play tray! I of course took lots of pictures of her playing.  

lets move this orange one!

I did it!
So happy!

Alison took a nap shortly after story time. I think I might try and do some sort of story time with her everyday be it audiobook, ebook or actual book. I think she really enjoys listening to people speak. I read an article that said babies who are around someone who speaks to them frequently have a greater vocabulary and better social skills... I am not sure why they did a study on something that seems obvious but it was still interesting to read and it encourages me to continually read to Alison and have one sided conversations.

Daddy came home early enough that he was able to play with Ali for awhile.

Ali loves attention!

and her daddy!

"hi mom!"

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