Monday, June 21, 2010

We Rock!

Alison and I took some time out today to listen to Harry Potter audiobook and sit in our respective rocking chairs. Daddy moved her swing into her bedroom while we were in Oklahoma; it used to be in our bedroom and we would put Alison in there when she had trouble falling asleep. Alison, I am happy to report, falls asleep a lot easier than she did as a newborn.

We have the rocking chairs situated so we can rock, look at each other, and occasionally bump feet. (If you make this picture big by clicking on it you can see the big smile on Alison's face)

Alison holding tight to her Genevieve (the dog from Madeline)

Bumping feet

Cute smirk on her face

Loves being in her swing!

I really love these little moments with her.

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