Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back Home!

Alison and I are safe, sound and back home. It was a wonderful feeling landing at the San Diego airport knowing that the husband was there waiting for us! I didn't take any pictures of our happy reunion, I was so happy to see him that even though I had the camera in my hand the whole time I forgot to take any pictures. oh well!

Saying goodbye at the airport

The flight wasn't full so they let me take Alison's car seat on the plane! It was really nice Alison having her own seat!


Alison loved having the window seat.

Alison was able to get some good sleep on the plane.

We had to stop by costco to stock up on food. Chris talked to Alison the whole time and pushed her around talking to her all through the store.

We have been spending some quality time with dear old 'da-da' and he keeps telling Alison how much he missed her. Yesterday he even told her "I missed you while I was at work today, there arn't any babies there" it was pretty sweet.

We flew in on Saturday (the 19th) and arrived around 4pm. Chris gave me the most wonderful welcome home presents! A new printer and a squeeky clean house!!

Here is my new printer! It has a scanner/copier, photo printer, regular color printer, a touch screen and if that wasn't enough its wireless so we can print from anywhere in the house! I was so excited to see it, it is way more printer than I ever expected to see in our house! Our old printed stopped working at 100% about a year ago and I have been talking about getting a new one ever since.

Here Alison and I are enjoying our clean bedroom

Daddy is holding Alison in our clean living room

The cats enjoy sitting on the railing in our clean house

Our clean dining room (normally the cat food stuff isn't in there, we put it in there to make it easier for the pet sitter). Chris fixed our vacuum cleaner so the floor is super clean! He also got this oxy clean carpet sprinkles that helps clean your carpet and makes it smell really good too, wish I could add a scratch and sniff picture! I thought our vacuum cleaner was just wearing out but Chris said the filter had come off a little making the suck not as strong. He also cleaned out the beater bars and for anyone who has seen how much hair I shed....enough said.

Every room in the house was clean! bathrooms everything! wiped down and smelling wonderful. We normally keep our house picked up and tidy but sometimes (especially with the baby) not everything gets the deep down clean it should. Also I really hate vacuuming the stairs and Chris did that too! What a great husband!

Plan on seeing a post, Part 2 Oklahoma trip in the near future as well as a post on Chris' first father's day, which we spent at a house warming party. It feels great to be home but I miss everyone in Oklahoma!!   

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