Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's first Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there and a speacial Happy Father's Day to the father of my daughter, Chris. Happy First Father's Day sweetie!

Nothing sweeter than a Dad and his Daughter

For Father's Day Alison got Chris 'Daddy and Me' a short, very cute book about a baby bear and her dad. With lines like "I'm the very bravest bear when I know that you are ther" it was a success and Chris loves reading to Alison. Alison had mommy write on the last page a special message for her daddy "To the Best Daddy Ever! Happy 1st Father's Day! Love, Alison"

I asked Chris what he wanted to do on his special day and all he wanted to do was relax and go to a house warming party. Our friends Lex and Dave just bought their first house.

Chris and I picked up John. His son is one week old so new mama Gilda and John Jr. stayed home. 

Here is a series of pictures where we tried to get both babies to be happy, it didn't work. One baby would cry and set the other one off.

We had a great time at the house warming party. There were a lot of kids and a lots of yummy food!

Our wonderful hostess Lex loves little Alison

"Come here Alison!"

Dad and Daughter being social.
"Happy Father's Day Daddy!"

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