Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pool Party

Chris' work buddy is moving to his new assingment in a few weeks so him and his family are saying their good bye's. Today they threw a pool party and we were invited!

We didn't swim at the pool party (the kids sure did though! and we got splashed a few times!) Alison enjoyed looking at everyone and had fun watching the other kids swim.

Alison isn't paying attention but Chris sure looks handsome ;)
Everyone liked Alison's visor

The kids swimming

Alison and Mommy

I let Alison eat some cantaloupe, she really seemed to enjoy it.

 Cute little thinker

Chris surprised me on the drive home. I was putting on my sunglasses (they are actually his old one's that were free) and he asked me if I wanted to get new ones. Of course! I have been wanting this specific pair for about a year now but it always seems there is something else we need. Anyways here are the glasses!

so pretty!

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