Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sitting Up!

Alison has been working on sitting up this past week and has gotten pretty good at it! She is able to sit up for about a minute before tumbling over to one side or the other.

When I put Alison in her Bumbo I usually put a few toys around her. This morning I put her freshly cooled teething ring on her lap and went to the kitchen to get some apple slices and when I came back she had picked it up and put it in her mouth!

I was so surprised and impressed. She has managed to get her Sophie teething toy in her mouth but its a lot bigger and she still has some trouble.

Good Job Alison!

She likes her teether!

She was really working hard to get the ring into her mouth!

This afternoon we practived sitting up. Here she is looking at her toys (the teether again and a rattle)

Working hard to pick up the teether! It really is neat seeing her learn how to pick things up, and very neat seeing her pick something up and sit up on her own at the same time!

We still loose our balance though, luckily mom and the couch are there to catch her.

Mommy pulls her back up into a sitting position and all is right in the world

Little Alison, learned to sit up all by herself this week.
Congratulations Ali!

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