Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had such a fun Halloween this year! Alison and I dressed up as characters from the classic Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland <3 of course Alison as Alice and I dressed up as the white rabbit.
Ethan got to be a little monster this year! Daddy didn't dress up but he did wear his Ghost Busters shirt!

Ethan's little monster shoes.

Ethan stayed at home with daddy (he slept through Halloween) and Alison and I met up with our friends in one of the other apartments.

Cutest little Alice in Wonderland I've ever seen :)
(Alice in wonderland was also the theme for Alison's first birthday)

You can't see it but I made a little pocket watch out of card stock and taped onto my shirt, can't be the white rabbit without a pocket watch!

Alison dancing

 Alison with all her friends! She was too excited to stay in the line up very long.
Taking the elevator up to the 9th floor to start our trick or treating!
Alison made it all the way down to the third floor before she was ready to go home.


Alison and her friend Emily
Alison thought getting candy was pretty neat!

Alison said "Thank you" to everyone who gave her candy.

Checking out Audrey a 3 week old who lives on the floor above us.

Chris manning the door and handing out candy.

Alison and her friends Mrs. Michelle and Michelle's daughter Hadley.
Alison came home with a lot of candy! She was pretty picky about what candy she would eat, something I am not complaining about. She was pretty worn out by the end of the night but we told her she could eat as much candy as she wanted tonight because the Halloween Fairy was going to come while she was sleeping and collect all the uneaten candy. I read an article by a dentist that recommended doing this because it's better to let your kids have a big sugary night than to dole it out and expose their teeth to sugar over a long period of time. (PS you can see my pocket watch in this picture!)

Alison in some warm comfy pajamas cuddling with little brother.
I love cuddling with my kids on the couch.

The End

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