Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome Friend!

Ethan and I went to the Naval Hospital today to welcome a new little friend into the world!
Little Payton and his daddy.
Welcome to the world little buddy!
What a beautiful picture of mama and her two children.
Big sister Calli was really happy to finally meet her little brother!
Mommy Crystal, as you can see, was beaming seeing her two kids together for the first time.
I met Crystal during the last typhoon when the pregnant people had to come in just in case we went into labor. We have stayed in touch since and are developing quite a good friendship.
Calli, who I believe is 7, asked if Ethan and Payton were going to be friends,
 to which we replied "Of course!"
Crystal was 2 weeks overdue, so both of our boys were quite happy to stay where they were. He was not as big as Ethan (who Crystal said the staff is still talking about!). But he was a healthy sized very good looking baby boy with a full head of beautiful dark hair.
Congratulations Mama Crystal!

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