Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Day

We met up for brunch today with Mike and Rhonda at the Kadina Officers Club, they have quite a spread!
Afterwards we went to their house and Chris helped Mike bring in a TV stand and we chatted and watched some football. Mike and Rhonda also got some Ethan snuggle time!
We love hanging out with theses two, they are really fun people who are always on the go.

Alison was full of energy! It might have been the 4 medium sized pancakes she ate!
A few days ago I posted about how she was being a handful, well she is still being a two year old but she is much happier. In the book that I'm reading, "You are Your Child's First Teacher" it talks about how children learn more through movement and that seeing mommy and daddy up and about helps them settle and gives them something to mimic. We it worked! I changed my normal routine of resting while the kids were awake and getting my house chores done while they were asleep to doing the house chores during the day. I might add I am now enjoying my quiet time with tea, reading, blogging, handiwork and whatever else catches my fancy! It has helped me feel recharged and less of a 'nanny' to the kids and more like a happy balanced mom. It also mentioned about having them help with chores which is something I was doing with Alison already. I think its important for kids to help out.
I was a little hesitant at first because I normally like to keep an eye on Alison especially now with Ethan around but its worked out really well and she has reverted back to the Alison we all know and love with reasonable amounts of crying and whining lol, she is after all a two year old (at least until the end of next month!). She actually whined because she wanted to help me vacuum, which I let her do as I have a feeling that won't be happening during the teenage years. 

After our visit we went to the exchange to go shopping and learned a very important lesson:
 "Get Ethan out of the car first and into his stroller and then get Alison out, 
no matter how much wants out of the car."
 We were in the parking lot, Alison was standing quietly by her car door, I was getting the stroller out of the trunk and and getting it set up and daddy went to get Ethan out of the car to put int he stroller.
All of a sudden Alison runs out into the traffic lane!!!!
I screamed her name in a voice I have never heard come out of my mouth, full of panic, dread and heart ripping fear and luckily she stops dead in her tracks as the lady in her car slams on her breaks. 
It took all my self control to not completely fall apart right there in the parking lot. I had so many emotions! I felt so relieved, like the worst mom in the world, thoughts about "what if" and thanking God with all my heart that Alison stopped when I screamed her name or we might be telling you about how Alison actually got hit by a car instead of almost. Chris was pretty shaken too. Normally Alison is really great about staying with us in the parking lot but I guess with us not paying attention to her she thought running in the parking lot by herself would get our attention, boy did it work! I squeezed the stuffing out of that little girl and we had a serious talk about the dangers of a parking lot and how you never ever run in one and never walk around without holding someones hand or being in the buggy.She was pretty shaken about the whole incident and told us several time later that she was almost hit by a car. Whew, God was really looking out for us.
And mommy and daddy learned an important lesson, Alison gets out of the car last.


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog and that you are keeping it updated! Now i will know what is going on with some of my most favorite people in the world

  2. Awe your some of my most favorite people too :)