Monday, October 1, 2012


He's here.
After a long and busy pregnancy, I went into labor on the 19th of September and by the 3am on the 20th,
I had a son.
Sept. 21
One day old
Sept. 22
My handsome little son
11 pounds 3oz.

Chris took more pictures on his camera, I have been pretty sore and haven't taken as many but here are the best pictures from my camera.

Ethan enjoyed the paci for about a day and then he didn't really seem interested in it, just like his sister lol.
Ethan being strapped into the car seat by daddy wearing the little green hat that I knitted for him.

See the band aid? Ethan had to have some medicine to make sure he didn't have any infections because of his rapid breathing so they gave him a little baby IV, I was so glad when they finally removed it.

On our way out of the hospital,  Chris was in a hurry to get to the car so I got to waddle along behind and take some pictures.
Seats Taken.
No more room in our back seat!

In the elevator going up to our apartment.
We only had one pair of socks and they met with an unfortunate accident, luckily we live on a warm humid island so it didn't really matter.

Took a picture of myself since it was a big day.

Sept 23
A friend of a friend loaned us a pack and play to use until our bassinet arrives.

Sept 24
Hey blue eyes

Ethan is a pretty mellow dude, he likes to watch whats going on and he loves snuggling.
Mommy's little man

Sept. 25th
Ethan's first check up!
Ethan and I went to the hospital to have his first check up and his hearing test.
Both went really well. He hears just fine and he is gaining weight and looking good!

Sept. 27
Yep, our family grew by two feet and ten toes!
Hanging out in the Moses basket.

Snuggles with daddy and Alison during bedtime story.

Sept. 29
Diaper time!

Followed by rocking with daddy.


  1. 11lbs 3oz! OMG HE'S HUGE!! Glad to see the fam is well! He's beautiful and so are you! Good job Mommy!! You made a perfect child! Congrats! He's just precious and Alison looks thrilled!! Miss you!!

    1. Thanks!! I miss you guys too!! Its amazing how much the kids have grown!! They look like little kids and their still just 2! yea Ethan is a big kid, totally bypassed newborn size ans at under two weeks wears size 2 diapers lol.