Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Alison seems to be feeling fine but last night after dinner when I wiped her face off and was giving her a hug I noticed she was REALLY warm so grabbed the ear thermometer and was shocked to find out that she had a temperature of 102.9!
I sent Chris to get some medicine from the store and I looked up the number for the pediatric on call nurse. 
Normally if your child hits a 102 fever you give them medicine and wait an hour to see if the fever comes down before taking them to the ER but since she was so close to 103 I wanted some advice and he recommended giving her the medicine and taking her to the ER just in case the fever went up any more and if it went down while Alison and Chris were there (he recommended that since I am so pregnant I not go) they could just leave. He said the ER was really busy and it would be best to be there already just in case.

  Daddy came home and we gave her the medicine and luckily he checked her temperature after he buckled her into her car seat and her temperature was already dropping, whew! So he was able to bring her back upstairs and avoid exposing Ali to the emergency room germs. Today she is hovering around the 99.8 so we are still giving her medicine every 6 hours as a precaution but hopefully she will be at a normal temperature tomorrow. I really hope that the temperature is completely gone by Friday, that's when I am scheduled to be induced into labor. Whew Friday I will be 10 days over due.
Other than fever Alison shows no other signs of being sick, which is really great.

FYI, I just posted a new post for Sept 7th of Alison at a birthday party

Wish us luck as Friday approaches!

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