Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthday Party!

Yea! Today our new couches and big rug were delivered! Under that rug is beige linoleum.
The little love seat got a hole in it, but with the baby and everything else going on Chris didn't think it was a big deal and we decided to just overlook it. It really isn't that noticeable and as long as the kids don't decide it will be fun to pick at shouldn't be a problem.
We also got a lamp that you can see in the corner. We still have the government furniture until they deliver our household goods, they are the blue chairs and couches, not as comfortable but we were thankful to have them.
Alison went to a birthday party today, here she is waiting for someone to help her with her shoes!

These are the birthday girls, the one on the right is names Alison too! the one on the left is Hadley.
Apparently its a common thing to do in out apartment building to have have the kids who have birthdays close together and make one party.

They reserved a table at a local indoor playground and decorated like crazy!
As you can see these are some really creative mamas!

Alison had a good time in the ball pit and daddy cringed thinking about how many germs were in there.
Daddy got to follow Alison around while mommy rested her pregnant self in a chair with some of the other moms.
Alison wasn't interested in the food or the cupcakes but she really enjoyed the juice boxes.

I tried to get a picture of the dad corner. You can see Chris is keeping an eye on Alison who is far right in the picture (almost cut out)
Fancy princess crown shaped sandwiches, rice crispie treat snacks and some other sort of cookie.
It all looked really cute and tasted good too. 

Daddy had a really good time playing with Alison, he has really stepped up into being the primary care giver since my mobility with the pregnancy isn't as good as my mobility was when I was pregnant with Alison.

Both girls like the gifts we got them. A Dr. Seuss book, a hair bow and a pair of overalls (one pink one purple) with coordinating shirts.

Chris pointed this out to me. There are a lot of things misspelled around town that give you a good little chuckle. This one says "Don't bring food or beverages into the PRAY area" 
(it should say 'play area')

Alison loved the party favors they gave out, a pretty fairy outfit and a poof fairy want. They also gave out a little decorate your own princess crown kit that daddy helped her with when we got home...I'll have to get a picture of it as Alison really likes wearing it and daddy did a good job decorating it.
Overall I think this was the fanciest birthday party we've ever attended and we had a really wonderful time.

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