Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Only Child

Alison is enjoying her last days as an only child. Her world is about to be changed by the birth of her very own little brother who I am sure is going to be a source of love and annoyance.
I am really looking forward to seeing how the two interact but for now I am trying to give Alison all the special attention and love she is going to have to share with her sibling.

September 1st 
Alison still sleeping and looking so cute mommy had to take a picture.

September 5th
On our way down to the 2nd floor for a play date we ran into daddy at the elevators and sat down in the hallway to read the letter he brought back from the post office just for Alison from Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Frank!

Alison and daddy showing off her letter

Down on the 2nd floor Alison is trying out a scooter, about 3 minutes after I took this picture she decided that she needed a helmet as well. I love that she likes wearing a helmet.

Daddy and Alison spend some special time together reading before bedtime.

"Hi mommy!"

As for me I had a doctors appointment this week and am 2cm dilated! The doctor said baby Ethan should be coming any time now. I am looking forward to our family having one more little bright eyed face.
Chris got the car seat put together today and our hospital bag is ready to go.
We are not as over prepared as we were with Alison.There isn't much of a baby selection here, well maybe out in town but since neither Chris and I read or speak Japanese its kind of hard to tell what's inside a store your driving by lol. But we have the basics and really that's all you need. Although, I will say sending cute outfits will be very appreciated! The exchange doesn't seem to carry more than baby everyday basics, no cute church/picture clothes. We haven't looked much at the little girls clothes since Alison is on the small side and can still wear a lot of her 24 month/2T clothes. Other parents seem to order a lot of stuff online and I think we will probably do so to some extent as well.
Other than getting prepared for little boy to arrive we are just playing the waiting game! Waiting for me to go into labor. Alison keeps telling us that she wants baby brother to be born, me too!

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