Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still Pregnant

Talking to Chris
OK not looking my best but here is a picture that another pregnant lady took of me at the hospital during the typhoon. As you can see I'm pretty big at 40 weeks +5 days. I am having trouble sleeping because I am so uncomfortable and I am even more tired in this picture because it was after a restless night in a room with 40 other people on an air mattress that I could barely get out of. Thank goodness the lady who was on the cot next to me was a someone's mom and she frequently helped me up.
I was really hoping that I would go into labor and did A LOT of walking on the 5 stories of ramps inside the hospital, and although I've been having some pretty big contractions nothing substantial and I am only dilated between 2 and 3, which is better than I was with Alison but considering how far along I am not that great. The lady in the background of this picture and I were the farthest along in pregnancy, we have the same due date and we met at the last typhoon. Everyone was waiting for one of us to  go into labor and although we were both having contractions neither of us ever did. She is scheduled to be induced on Tuesday and I am scheduled a few days later on Friday.
Chris is thinking about going ahead and taking off work because I am having a lot of trouble moving around and pregnancy associated pain. These last couple weeks have been pretty hard and I am looking forward to feeling comfortable in my own skin again. My hips have so much pressure on them and have become so sore that its hard for me to lift my legs to do things like get in bed and put on pants.
I'll admit that its getting a bit depressing and Alison has started calling out for daddy since mommy isn't able to help her with most things but she doesn't really seem bothered by that and still wants to snuggle up with me on the couch and be here usual good natured self.
Anyways, thought you all might be interested in seeing a belly picture!
Light at the end of the tunnel, just have to make it to Friday and then push this big guy out!