Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Funday

Today we tried out All Souls church. I really enjoyed it and Chris seemed to like it as well. One of our neighbors in our building also went to check it out (Coach Carl from soccer practice and his family, other Alison is his daughter) it was nice having another family there that we knew. 
All Souls is an Episcopal church and this was my first time at one. I also found out that Episcopal is what the hubs was baptized in and that he went to an Episcopal church when he was little until his mom got too sick to go. We have been married for 6 and half years and you would think I would know that, lol. So it was like coming home for him. I enjoyed that it was traditional, it felt like 'church'. The sermon was about forgiveness and my neighbor and I both thought it was delivered well. I have been looking up all sorts of different kinds of Christian churches trying to find one that would fit my family and after a lot of thought, study and prayer we decided to try being Episcopalian. We are planning on going back next Sunday.

After church we met up with Mike, Rhonda and some other friends for breakfast at the O-Club, yumm yumm! Alison loves the pancakes there. I wish I would have taken a picture of the kids at church before Alison got pancake syrup all over her dress lol. She looked so lovely, I had her hair fixed (which never last very long as she really enjoys pulling out her pony/pig tails) and a pretty pink dress with a little apron with roses on it....but after breakfast she had syrup all over her front and she had pulled her hair band and bow out....she was a mess lol. Well at least I can keep her looking adorable for an hour or two! Anyways we came home and first thing was clean up Alison.
The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing and hanging out together!
Alison reading one of our new books, I have had my eye on The Wonder of Lullabies  for awhile now, probably close to a year but at $25 I kept putting it off but lucky for us Nova Natural put it on sale so I went ahead and ordered it as I am really tired of singing the same lullabies over and over. The book comes with a music CD and is just lovely. Alison loves reading the words while the woman sings the songs, she also likes to sing the songs from the book on her own and its pretty cute some of the melodies she comes up with! I am so glad I finally got this book, if I had known it would go over so well with Alison I would have done it a long time ago!

Ethan still in his church clothes. He managed to keep them clean through breakfast and didn't mess his hair up one little bit! Ethan loves being in his swing. Its in the living room where we spend most of our time and he can watch what everyone is doing and I can keep an eye on him from the kitchen.

The other day at the exchange I found this wonderful little creamer, it was marked down (a little less than $3) and I thought it would make a wonderful 'water pitcher' for Alison's kitchen. It was handmade in Poland. I love the blue and the dainty little yellow flowers. Alison started playing with it as soon as she saw it.

We are still in the process of unpacking so little things are coming to surface and today it was the little tea tea set Grandma Carolyn gave Alison, she got the tea set on a visit to China.
Alison loves to play tea party!

For Christmas, we are giving Alison creative things like some beeswax block crayons, window crayons, and and some Glob water colors. Glob is pretty neat, they are "botanically" crafted, meaning they are made out of fruit, spices, flowers and vegetables. So when Alison paints with Basil Green she will actually be painting with basil (and some other ingredients) which will hopefully open up a world of learning opportunity and spark her interest in where color comes from (maybe we will even try to make some plant paint with strawberries and other colorful fruits and veggies). Waldorf Schools like to do watercolor wet on wet painting and tell stories while children paint to help inspire their work which I think is fantastic. "Painting with Children" is a book I have seen floating around the Waldorf world and have only heard positive things about it and as I have never done wet on wet painting I did what I normally do, got a book! 

Ethan changed into his comfy stripped outfit (doesn't he look handsome in blue? *proud mama*)

Close up of those pretty blue eyes.
My 5 week old baby is in a 6 month outfit by the way, lol. I have one big little guy!
Alison at 6 months

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