Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday Party

Ethan attended his first birthday party! He was looking dashing in a cute outfit great grandma sent, little overalls with 3 little puppies on them (we got quite a few compliments! but he is such an handsome boy he looks good in anything!)
Mommy and Ethan hanging out, watching sister run around and play with the other kids

Daddy and his little boy.

Birthday girl about to blow out the candles 
(the blond with the purple bow, very sweet girl and loves Alison)

Alison and Ethan both got to take a balloon home :)
Here we are in the elevator back up to the 5th floor where we live.

Another perk about living in an apartment building is sometimes you don't have to travel far for a party (this one was in the community room on the first floor). I am really enjoying apartment life, I honest didn't think I would. Sure there are things I miss about a house, mainly a yard, but the community here is really fantastic!

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