Monday, October 8, 2012

Miss Getting More Indepedent

I moved Alison's little stool from in front of her bed to in the bathroom.
She was very excited to find it there and brought me her tooth paste and tooth brush, which we keep out on the sink top, and asked mommy if she could brush her teeth. Really what mom wouldn't be excited about their 2 year old loving to brush her teeth. She also wanted to brush them all by herself, so I am not sure how clean she got them but we'll be brushing them again before bed.
(her piano broke during the move but the little stool make it so its now the step stool for her to get into bed and this stool was moved to the bathroom)

Little brother gets carried all over the house in his basket.
I found the blue hat I knitted for him, it does fit but at this particular moment its sliding off his head.
While I was pregnant I asked Chris if he had time to pick me up some yarn from the craft store and this is one of the yarn colors he picked out making it an extra special hat since daddy helped.

Alison's room is coming together. I still need go through her books and put some of them away. Get some curtains and spruce it up a little. But its looking better I think!
 We moved Alison into the big girl bed all the way now and haven't had any accidents. We pushed the little mattress under the bed as she hasn't needed it (eventually it will go back in the crib for little brother but for now he is in a bassinet in our room).
I clean up Alison's room every night before bed and then again every morning (I think fairies must come and play after she goes to sleep because even though its all clean when she goes to sleep, there are always books and toys out in the morning!). I think having a clean room with a bed made makes it feel like a safe calm place to play and as you can see she will go in and pull her toys our and make a little toy nest for herself. Now if only I would clean my room as steps Meredith, baby steps. 

Alison  Reading "The Cat in the Hat" to little brother.
She was so excited when Ethan stretched and touched her with his hand. She told us probably ten times, "Little brother touched me!!"
I love moments like this.

Chris and I, okay mainly me, couldn't wait any longer to give Alison her kitchen. 
After all Christmas is a long ways away! Here daddy is putting the finishing touches on it.
Chris took a video of her reaction to finding the little kitchen, so if your a family member I wouldn't be surprised if he sent it your way, if he doesn't send him a text asking for it :)

Yep, Alison loves her new little kitchen. Sorry I didn't get a better picture of her playing with it, Ethan was hungry so I was a chair bound. Alison at one point pointed to the big kitchen and said "Mommy's kitchen" and then pointed to little one and said "Alison's kitchen!!"
Our apartment is really starting to feel like home, now only if we could close on the sale of our California house. Baby steps Meredith, baby steps...

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