Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Alison had her first day of soccer practice! 
A couple in our building organized it. Last year they had signed their oldest up for soccer and it cost $70 and they ended up having to coach it and do all the work so this year they decided to do an unofficial team with kids from the building and other kids they know. And Coach Carl I am happy to say is really great at keeping the kids engaged and made it a no pressure day.

Alison's first day at soccer!
Ethan came along too!

Coach Carl celebrates Alison's first goal!! 
Mommy cheered!

Alison didn't spend the entire time playing soccer...sometimes she walked around with her friend, whose name is also Alison, carrying her soccer ball.

And sometimes she pushed the other Alison's baby doll stroller around.

And sometimes she walked around far far away from everyone else.
Other Alison was really interested in Ethan and they had fun looking at each other. 
The other kids at soccer (with the exception of Other Alison) were a bit older but that didn't stop Alison from joining in!


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