Monday, October 22, 2012


Alison likes to help clean up, here she is helping mommy by mopping with the swiffer.

a package from Uncle Justin! 
My brother Justin sent some wonderful things.
Books from our  childhood, the bible story book in the middle of the picture is the one Boompa used to read to us at bedtime, I am so happy to have it to read to Alison and Ethan. He also sent my favorite little drinking glass from when I was a child and a few new things: a paci and bib for Ethan and a pink piggy bank for Alison!

I couldn't help but laughing at how adult he made this card for her! She of course loves getting mail (Great Grandma likes to send her cards and she reads them over and over!) When Alison was first learning to speak she called Justin "Uncle Ducky"
Thanks Justin!

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