Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Alison! Alison's First Birthday Party!

Alison had her first birthday party! Her actual birthday is on the 29th but we celebrated today! 
I can't believe she is one!
We got Alison a very special Alice in Wonderland Cake

Decorated a spot in the park

Grandma had a lot of fun at Ali's party

Alison in her birthday bib

She was having a good time!

Alison really liked the balloons!

Alison next to her cake

About to light the cake and sing happy birthday!

It was too windy and i couldn't get the candle to stay lit so we just pretended :)

Singing happy birthday
(thanks Lex for taking pictures for us!)

Ali gets some birthday cake!

Alison and Grandma out in the playground area!

Walking with mommy

We make a big shadow mommy!

Alison got a lot of very nice presents from her friends!
Here she is holding an Ann of Green Gables doll from Prince Edward Island given to her by her great grandparents (they also got her an Ann of Green Gables book too!)
Alison got a talking purse, some very pretty clothes, and a ball toy as well.
Thank you!

Alison going down the slide with daddy!

Alison and Aunte Em'
She drove all the way down from LA so she could come to her little Alison's birthday party!
We love you Aunte Em!

That was a great party!
Time to go home!

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  1. Such a cutie pie! I can’t take my eyes off the little one. Happy birthday! I must also look for an outdoor party venue for my niece’s birthday. I want to throw a surprise party for her, I love her a lot and also, I am her favorite aunt so I must make her day an amazing one.