Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Me, Grandma Carolyn and Uncle Justin!
Today is a big day for birthdays so Happy Birthday!

This means Alison's birthday is only 20 days away! I still can't believe she is turning one.
Thank you for all my wonderful birthday cards and gift. I always feel so special when my birthday rolls around. Thank you.

Alison all dressed up and ready to go out to dinner for mom's birthday
Today was a really busy day for Chris. He had a big presentation and then had to listen to 6 hours worth of other people's presentations.
For dinner we went to Claim Jumpers (I really like it there) and Chris' work associates came with. I really like all the people Chris works with and their families. They are a great bunch of people

Daddy taking Ali into the restaurant

Of course since it was my birthday Chris took a picture of me and Ali!
It looks like she wasn't interested in having her picture taken, lol.

Happy Birthday all you Nov 9th babies!

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