Friday, November 12, 2010

It's a Fork!

I haven't put too many pictures of our furry babies up. So I thought I would add a couple for today.

Marty relaxing on the couch, cute as ever

And along comes Lucy, "Hey your getting attention! Only I can has attention!"

I also noticed that I haven't posted very many dinner pictures. Although it's probably not polite ot take pictures at dinner.

Alison likes eating dinner with mommy and daddy

Tonight we brought out her baby fork and I put small bites of chicken and peas on it...

And she put it in her mouth!
this is the first time she has used a fork. OK so she didn't stab the food but she's at least got half of it!

I like this fork!
The fork is actually one that Grandma Carolyn gave us that she used with her kids. Making it even more special. Maybe someday Alison will be taking pictures of her own baby taking bites with the baby fork.

Our little angel

Nom nom nom

After dinner Alison showed daddy her pacifier
(she doesn't actually suck on it but she really likes playing with them, lol)

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