Monday, November 15, 2010

Today's The Day!

It's Day One of kitchen update! I am really excited! Also...Chris is going on a work trip today! I will be home just me and the baby while people are coming in and out working on the kitchen! I am a bit anxious especially since Chris is the one who has worked out most of the details while I have been the one wrangling the baby.

Chris' plane was at 6 this morning and for some reason, that I am sure she will grow out of, Alison LOVES waking up at extremely early house. Here are some way too happy (albeit adorable) early morning Ali pics.

Dropping daddy off at the airport

OK! here is my before kitchen. All cleaned up, I took the drawers out so I wouldn't have to box the contents.

Sparkly clean sink ready to be eventually removed and covered in dust...

This pic is a bit dark but this area is having some remodeling done with the addition of a new upper and lower cabinet and a shelf that will connect the new upper cabinet to the older ones. (hope that makes sense, if not you will see in time when its up)

This cabinet (the one in the island) going to have pull outs added and of course resurfaced

yucky old cabinets by our pretty fridge

It's been a good kitchen but its time for an update.

The new lower cabinet will go right next to the dish washer, it will have a built in garbage for trash and recycle.

We are also having a cabinet built here for Alison to put her toys in (its the playroom side of the island). I think it will look really nice.

I am really excited to see things progress. Chris will just come home to a new kitchen!

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