Monday, November 29, 2010

One Year Old!!

Alison is one year old today! She has grown a lot this year and I am still a little shocked that she is one! Today is also my goal for this blog! I wanted to do a post everyday until she turned one (I wish I would have started when she was born but oh well!) I am not exactly sure what I am going to do....I think I am going to do weekly updates with pictures from the week, possibly a few daily updates....

But today is about Alison!! She has 8 teeth, is almost walking, can crawl faster than any baby I have ever seen! She is beautiful, a bit timid, curious, big hearted, loves hugs, likes to sleep in her crib, loves going out and looking at things, likes to be rocked before going to bed, and is the apple of her mommy and daddy's eye.

This morning we went to JC Penny and had pictures taken of everyone. They turned out really lovely and we are so glad to have a nice family picture with the Great Grandparents!
Here is the birthday Girl!

Mommy and Daddy got Alison a slide and swing combo for her Birthday and Christmas!
Grandma is helping put it together!

Even though Dad was busy with work stuff he took a little time to help put the castle together!

Alison wants to go on the slide!

Alison having fun cuddling with her great grandparents

"Hi Grandpa!"

Alison is her big girl car seat! Daddy put it in mommy's car today!

We went to Claim Jumpers for Alison's birthday dinner.
Mommy brought Alison some snacks to eat and of course her 1st Birthday Princess bib!

Alison got her very own birthday cup cake!

We brought the candle from home :)

what is this? *poke*

Yummy cake!

Happy Birthday Alison!

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