Friday, November 26, 2010

The Park and Wild Animal Park

Today we went to Kit Carson park, home of Queen Califia's Magical Circle Garden in Escondido. It is a giant mosaic with sculptures and a maze. This was our first time going there and we really enjoyed looking at evertthing. There were a lot of kids there running around and climbing on stuff. I think this is somewhere we will be bringing people who come and visit.

Alison and daddy in the maze

Mommy and Alison find a lizard

Walking to Grandma!

"Am I doing good Grandma?"

Mommy and Alison mimicking the statue

After we looked around in the circle garden we found a pavilion in the Kit Carson Park to have our picnic lunch. We made sandwiches and brough some soda.

Daddy found a swing for him and Alison!

Grandma pushing Alison over a bridge with daddy

Alison sleeping on monkey

We went to the Wild Animal Park and they were very pleased to see the baby elephants out to play! Alison liked looking around at everything!

Alison, Daddy and Monkey

Alison sees a Gorilla for the first time

Ali likes sitting on daddy's sholders!

Chris compared to a gorilla!

Grandpa compared to a gorilla!

We rode on the tram that takes you through the preserve. We all really liked this part. The driver told us about the different animals and about the breeding program there at the Park.

Alison found all sorts of stuff to look at

There was stuff everywhere to look at!

Daddy acting like a lion!

There was a new born cheeta cub at the zoo! He looked like a little spotted kitten with very small ears.

Alison's first trip to the Zoo!

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