Friday, November 5, 2010

A Walk in the Balboa Park

Alison and I went to the park today. I was tired of being at the house and it was so pretty outside I couldn't resist! I also got Towers of Midnight in the mail today (its the 13th book in a book series I've been reading since I was in high school) There are only supposed to be 2 books left in the series. The first book came out 1990.
Alison and I spent a few hours at the park enjoying the weather, playing with toys and reading our books. Alison really likes to be outside (me too!). It also gave daddy a little free time at home as we were still at the park when he got home from work. He doesn't get the house to himself very often!

Alison was reading her book while mommy was reading her book!

Alison is so pretty in her hat! You can see some of Balboa park behind her. I almost always go to greens by the botanical garden. Its so pretty there, a little paradise.

Playing with her linking toys and watching people walk around the park
I love this picture :)

OH NO! I ran out of free memory!
I will post more pictures later...It seems I have reached my limit of free storage space (1 GB) luckily its only $5 a year to have 20 GB :) Unfortunately, I won't have my new memory space until tomorrow.

OK got more space! so here are a few more!


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