Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Granite and Trains!

Just in case the granite wasn't in before the grandparents left we took them to the warehouse and showed them the granite we selected for our counter tops!

Chris showing his grandparents the granite that will go in our kitchen

Yea.. the pic is a little fuzzy but she just looks so happy

Alison singing and rocking her head

We also went to Balboa Parks Model Train Museum
Alison enjoyed watching the model trains go about and she also really liked watching the other children running around folling where the trains were going.

Picture with the grandparents :)

Alison looking at mommy over the Lego train model (which was easily the group favorite)

Daddy loves Alison

This reminded me of my dad so I had to take a picture
Here is why it reminded me of him click here

Mommy and Alison in front of a lego building

Getting ready to go home, daddy makes sure Alison is tucked in and strapped down tight!
We had a lot of fun today. I enjoyed looking at the model trains and spending time with my family!

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