Friday, November 2, 2012

My Pampered Chef Party!

I signed up to host a pampered chef party in my apartment and it went really well. Not only do I really enjoy hosting parties, hosting a Pampered Chef party is really easy. I bought the ingredients and Ed, the consultant made the food. I bought some wine and made a little cheese and cracker plate as well but for the most part this was the easiest party I've ever thrown. The best part is I get a free cutting board out of it and if I end up with enough sales I get 60% of some of the stoneware, which is pretty neat.
This is Ed setting out the food he made. I helped pick the recipes!

We picked a white chicken chili and an apple nut ring, I thought they both sounded very "fall" and delicious.
It was really good, here are the recipe links: Chili and Apple Ring
They were both cooked in the "deep covered baker"

This is Milly one of my 'Typhoon Friends' She has a 3 week old daughter named Charlize.

This is Kayla she also has a 3 week old daughter, her daughter's name is Audrey.
Kayla lives on the floor above us.

Ethan and I wearing our matching outfits

Ethan at 6 weeks and Audrey at 3 weeks, yep Ethan is a big kid!

All the moms getting the babies laid down for a baby line up. 

Here are Ethan's friends. We lined the kiddos up by age.
Ethan, Payton, Abe, Charlize and Audrey.

Overall it was a really great party and a great experience for my first time holding a product party.
Click here to take you to the website if you want to order something: 
My party closes out on the 10th.


  1. It looks like a wonderful party with your friends. The food looks delicious, so I'll have to try it out. All the babies look so huggable but Ethan really does stand out!

    1. Mmmm that chili was amazing. I hope you enjoy it.
      Ethan really does stand out! I am one proud mommy!