Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Early Birthday for Mommy!

 My birthday (and my brother Justin's and Grandma Carolyn) is on the 9th. I'm going to be 29, boy how time has flown! Makes you think about how you spend your time and what you want to do with these short blessed lives the Lord has seen fit to give us.

A precious moment with dad and son.
My birthday present from Chris came in today!
This is exactly what I wanted! (I might have given him a subtle hint...and a link)
Good bye old hair dryer hello fancy new hairdryer!
This hairdryer is supposed to dry your hair faster than a normal hair dryer, which as a mom of an active toddler and a super cute newborn getting myself taken care of quickly is essential.

I contacted a photographer about doing newborn pictures of Ethan and birthday pictures of Alison!
She charges for a newborn photo shoot and you get 15 edited pictures and she said that if I do Alison and Ethan at the same time I can mix it up a little and she wont charge me extra (like 10 newborn pictures, 2 Alison and Ethan pictures and then 3 birthday girl pictures.
Her pictures are beautiful so hopefully it all works out and we can have some lovely pics of the kids!


  1. I want some pictures, too. Happy Birthday my lovely daughter. Yes, time does fly by on jet wings at sonic speed.

  2. Your birthday was in November and here it is already December 4 and your Blogspot hasn't been updated. I look nearly every day hoping to get a glimps of your children and things they are doing. Also what you are doing but that isn't nearly as important. BoomPa

  3. lol, well I will get some more up! Its nice to know everyone likes my blog so much!