Friday, November 30, 2012

Rainy Day

Getting used to the weird weather here...kind of. During the summer its blazing hot and the winter its chilly and wet.
The rain brought out all the snails. There are little snails everywhere! You can hardly walk on the side walk without stepping on the them.

Alison is pointing one out.

Ali wanted to wear her Superman cape outside. Even though there was a bit of drizzly rain Alison was getting too cooped up in the apartment for us not to spend a little time outside.

Alison splashed in the puddle with her rain boots.
She was not happy when the rain started to pick up and we had to go in, she wanted to stay outside and play. I really miss having a backyard and California sunshine.

Night time is when mommy and Ethan get to hang out a little. Alison and daddy are in bed and Ethan is wide awake!

My little man! 

Night time is also when I get a lot of work done.
I did all the prep work that I could to get ready for Alison's birthday party including making the cake!
Alison wanted a pink cake so I made her a big 4 layer pink cake.

I also finally attached the ribbon to the back of her birthday crown.
I am excited to see if she likes it tomorrow.

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