Thursday, November 29, 2012

Look Who's 3!

I can hardly believe that 3 years ago our wonderful daughter Alison came into this big big world and made it a bit more beautiful and a lot more interesting!

After a big birthday breakfast, we got down all the wonderful presents our family sent.

Amazing! A musical card.
 Alison thought it was pretty neat and sang with it a couple times before opening her gifts

Alison was trying to open the present without ripping the paper, once I realized this I assured her that she was supposed to rip the paper and she tore in!

"Can I wear it?"

Of course a farm book from Boompa and Baba!

"Uncle Justin sent you a beautiful basket"
I about died laughing when she said that. 
I honestly believe that she would have been happy if that really was all he sent.

Which made it even all the more exciting when she opened it and found a pretty tin tea set

Time to play!

Alison got her first set of paper dolls from Great Grandma and Grandpa! She LOVES them. They have magnet strips on the dresses so instead of folding little bits of paper you have a much sturdier chipboard dress that "magically" sticks to the doll.
Alison has a fairy tale book with a princess named "Kinderella" so that's what she kept calling her.

After tea party and paper doll playing it was time for some reading!
Someone's Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Frank knows how much she likes Dr. Seuss!

And then cake! We were able to Skype with daddy and we sang happy birthday to Alison.

make a wish!

Alison enjoyed picking the sprinkles off the cake and eating them individually.

I asked Alison what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said she wanted to go to the library and the bakery. So off we went to check out some books!

Little brother had a good time watching big sister read.

The library (this was on base) was displaying some beautiful quilts done by ladies in a quilting club at one of the American churches.

We stopped by the post office on the way home and birthday girl Alison and little brother Ethan got some wonderful gifts! 
This is a painting was done by GG Rooney for Ethan, notice the little "E" on the flag? We absolutely love it! She also wrote Ethan a note that made me a little misty eyes it was so thoughtful and kind.

Alison fell in love with her Princess dress from Grandpa and Grammy!
I promised her she could wear it to church.

This was Alison's card from GG Rooney!
Alison knew it was her right off and I moved it into the hutch to be displayed and kept safe till we can put it in a little frame.

 Thank you for the wonderful gifts!
A special night time birthday gift from daddy.
He got her this superman pajama set, a batman one (both with Velcro capes), a Curious George pajama and a couple footie pajamas. They are all a bit big so she will be able to wear them for quite a while.  

Happy Birthday Big Sister!

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