Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peek Inside

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of our apartment.
Our dining room. I love how the evening's natural light makes it look so pretty. 

I made a pretty star to hang over the table.

Getting ready for Alison's 3rd birthday, we will change the 2 to a 3 on her birthday.

A little bit of Christmas.

Alison and I like to color together. We made paper dolls. I made a mommy and brother doll while Alison made a big sister doll in red.

This is Alison's plant. She is responsible for water it.

My sewing desk in the corner of our dining room

Alison had a play corner too. This is in a corner of our living room.

Alison picked out her Christmas ornament for this year.

Alison has been taking care of "Blue Baby" for little brother (this is brother's baby)

She also enjoys having tea part with May.

These little cars are scooted around all over our apartment!

Little brother enjoying the evening light

Daddy home from a long day, he was so tired that he just laid down on the living room floor!
I took advantage and posed Ethan on daddy's back.

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