Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yep, Thats the One I Want

My sewing machine pooped out on me a few months back and since then I have been looking at machines online and reading reviews. And with my mom visiting she offered to go look at some with me. I knew I wanted a Brother Sewing Machine. They seem to be the best right under Pfaff but Pfaffs are soo expensive and to me they seem a bit on the complicated side.

We went to Sew Pros, I want to buy a machine from them because they offer a ton of free classes when you buy your machine from them. They were also one the people that I talked to at the San Diego Quilt Show and they were really helpful and friendly.

To get to the point I found the machine that I want!
TA DA!! This is the Brother Innov-is 950D! it comes with an attachable base to make the work space bigger and there is a case to protect it and there is a storage compartment inside for storing bits.
There is an automatic needle threader, and this particular one is already loaded with some automatic Disney embroidery patterns (105 embroidery patterns- 35 disney ones). It's a touch screen and there is a USB drive that lets you easily put new patterns into the machine. It also has a bunch of standard stiches. It's about the fanciest machine a girl like me could want and its so easy to use. It is however just under $900 so it's going to be a little while before this little beauty makes it home. My mom liked this machine so much she kind of wants one too!

Alison came with us and Daddy and Boompa stayed at home working on manly stuff...ok they took a really long nap and did some work on the house :)

For dinner? Oven pizza!

Chris is full from his oven pizza

Alison drinking her bottle and looking at Boompa

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