Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's 10-10-10!!

The news is talking about 10-10-10 today. Apparently a lot of people are getting married today! It would be an easy day to remember for your anniversary. I liked the story a couple months ago about the baby born on 8-9-10 at 11:12. It's fun when things like that work out.

Alison got her first Halloween card today from Grammy and Grandpa Gary! She was very excited to her her own mail!

Immidiatly after handing Alison her envelope it goes in the mouth.

Alison reading her Halloween card!

Alison drinking her bottle

I haven't taken a picture with Alison for awhile so I laid down on the floor next to my darling daughter and took this one!

Yumm yumm

Thank you Grammy and Grandpa for my Halloween Card and treat!

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