Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boompa and Alison

Boompa was so happy to see Alison! He wanted to do everything with her today. It was really great, Alison loves her Boompa and loves the attention.
Boompa wakes up really early. This is 6 am. Alison sometimes wakes up this early hungry and goes right back to bed. Alison normally wakes up for the day around 8:30-9:00. But this morning we went down stairs to say hi to early bird Boompa!

Later in the day Boompa reads a book to Alison

then feeds Alison some baby food

JG managed to get a little Alison time in too!

JG wanted to get a sweater at JC Penny. Boompa carried Alison all over the store. Alison likes shopping.

When Boompa got tired of shopping him and Alison found a nice place to sit and rest.

Back at home Boompa and Alison play at the Pooh Table

Boompa loves his little Alison! And Alison loves her Boompa!

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