Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alison Loves to Read

Alison and I went to Costco today (I know its not Sunday!) but Alison was running dangerously low on diapers. Daddy was at work so it was just Alison and I. Costco has a lot of stuff out for Christmas including lots of children's books. Alison found a Pixie Hollow book that she really fell for. i tried to get her interested in the Disney treasury but she only had eyes for Tinker Bell. She looked at the book while sitting in the shopping cart, running her fingers on the words just like mommy and daddy. She sure makes me happy.

Pic is a bit fuzzy but still cute. When daddy got home from work he read Alison one of the stories out of her new book.

Alison enjoys being read to

Here is the book Alison picked out.

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