Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mommy's Little Pumpkin!

When my dad visits we go to the Home Depot almost every day. He is a Mr. Fix-it and Chris and I well... we aren't that handy with tools. Chris is learning though and dad is there to lend a hand. We always save our big projects for when my dad is going to be in town.

Boompa carried Alison to the Home Depot

I make them stop for a photo op :)

Alison isn't sure about the Home Depot Pumpkin Patch

Dad gives her a little shade. Our little pumpkin sitting on the pumpkins :)

She really didn't like sitting on the pumpkins for long...I think she was having fun riding on Boompa's shoulders :)

Riding in her car seat

Alison fell asleep on JG's arm

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