Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Outdoor Rug!

A few weeks ago the Costco by our house was carrying 6X9 recycled water bottle rugs for $22. We put off getting it and then we were finally ready to get one, Costco was out. I was really bummed because outdoor rugs are not cheap. I looked online trying to find a $20-30 rug and could not find one under $80....

Chris happened across giant Costco. A Costco bigger than our Costco. We went there for fun to see how different it is and they had the outdoor rug!! We snatched up the last brown one an loaded it into the car. Alison didn't seem to mind the intrustion.

Alison having to share her space with an outdoor rug.

Really excited to use it! The weather is going to have to shape up a little first!

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