Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alison is the Apple of her Grandparent's Eyes

Alison is getting lots of attention from her grandparents! They can't seem to get enough Alison. It was only a about 5 months ago when they got Ali and I a plane ticket to go to Oklahoma. But with a baby...they grow so fast and change so much a few months is a long time!

Boompa loves feeding baby Alison 

JG loves watching baby Alison take a bottle

While everyone is fawning over Alison Chris is trying to fix his PlayStation. It for some reason stopped working. He might not be handy with tools but he is a whiz with electronic gadgets!

Alison tore her first book today. (and for some reason I could not get this picture to rotate)
Mommy fixed it with a liberal amount of tape. All better!

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