Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shopping at Baby's R Us

Alison is growing so fast and I enjoy making her home made baby food but sadly I think its time to introduce some store bought kind too. We went to Babies R Us and stocked up on some Gerber Organic baby food and baby snacks. We want to make sure that Alison gets to try everything, including things I don't normally make... like butternut squash...which for some reason I am not very good at making. This baby food will be a back up to normal food which she is eating cut in very small bites.  

Chris and Ali rock in a rocking chair while mommy picks out snacks for baby Alison.

Alison wants to explore!

There were these cute little toddler chairs and I had to put Alison in one. Baby sized furniture is just too cute.

Alison seemed really comfortable in the chair. Maybe Santa will bring her one for Christmas

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